Happy Valentine’s Day! Truth or Fantasy? : Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Chiron; Moon in Scorpio

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

Dear Friends,

Mercury enters Pisces today at 8:37 PM EST and conjuncts Neptune shortly after midnight on Feb. 14, 2012 here on the East Coast of the US. Followed by a conjunction to Chiron and sextile to Jupiter on Feb. 16, 2012.

Currently Mercury is the last degree of Aquarius, minutes away from forming an exact trine to Saturn in Libra. This aspect is bringing a chance to clear the air and reach a solid understanding of situations and what we can do to readdress a balance. Listen as well as speak and you can gather crucial information, allowing for compromise within differing opinions to find a solution that world.

Also given tomorrow is Valentine’s day, it would be helpful to be aware of the energy we are under. Aside from other aspects, currently the Moon is in Scorpio and will be tomorrow as well. At best things could get rather poetic, steamy, intimate and passionate. But a Scorpio Moon suggests there are likely to be rather intense perhaps darker emotions to confront as well. If what you want is closeness, do what you can to surrender resentment and emotional baggage, only then there can be true intimacy.

Venus is also currently approaching a square to Pluto (exact on February 15, 2012) amping up the intensity. Venus-Pluto aspects can often bring rather obsessive feelings to the forefront. But squares point to an inner resolution and this aspect asks an inner surrender, acceptance and acknowledgment of one’s desires rather than holding on to expectations, especially when it comes to love. Happiness or contentment, is an inner state of being. If we give away this power to external factors, or needing things to be a certain way before we can feel whole or happy, we are inevitably setting ourselves up for disappointment. Love “needs” nothing. It just is.

Mercury is the planet that represents primarily the ‘mind,’  thought processes and communication. Over the coming three weeks as Mercury transits through Pisces at best this can be a rather poetic, creative, imaginative, intuitive and perhaps even psychic influence allowing one to dive deeper into the mysteries of the infinite and that which is otherwise unseen and hidden behind the veil of illusion. But Pisces also has it’s shadow side bringing us under the influence of deception, denial, drugs or other intoxicants, illusions and delusion.


Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus in Virgo; Moon in Capricorn

Dear Friends and Readers,

I am in the midst of “renovations” here at priyakale.com and welcome your suggestions at this time.

Personal planets Mercury and Venus have now ingressed Virgo joining Saturn and Mars already in the sign. Tomorrow Venus conjuncts Saturn followed by Mercury’s conjunction later in the week.

With Mercury and Venus approaching Saturn there is a feeling of coming up against a something impenetrable in important personal situations. But this is the end of a cycle, bringing us to the start of a whole new one. Impossible and unbelievable as it seems, we are going past a barrier that may have held us back for too long.

Indeed it may feel like we are banging our heads against a brick wall. But we are going to get past this one way or the other. The question just remains what of our thoughts and emotions are we going to carry into this next new cycle. We are in the phase between eclipses, where everything that happens takes on a deeper meaning. Saturn’s influence can feel restrictive but it is also what helps us to stand up for what is right.

Any ideas, conversations or relationships we are nurturing are under this influence right now and we are being asked to do the hard work. As they say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and we can trust that what remains in our lives through this difficult period will be lasting, pure and of quality, integrity and substance.

Today Saturn makes an opposition to a minor planet called Borasisi. According Philip Sedgwick, Borasisi has the ceremonial astrological influence over “enacting affirmations, declarations, setting one’s rules of soulful communication and cosmic law.

When there are oppositions in the sky, we are brought to a point of confrontation. This aspect is giving us a opposite viewpoint, helping us see how we can now balance this abundance of Virgo energy, which can be fairly analytical and critical. The reasons oppostions cause such a feeling of polarity is because we are forced to confront that the two are not separate but rather paradoxically “one.” The more we can come close to the “center” of these opposite poles of energy — the easier it is to find “our” center and a balance.

I just had a thought which I am going to explore here…this is how I see oppostions, and opposite energy —

Imagine two people standing opposite one another, or on straight line in a field — they can see each other, flaws, beauty, scars, divinity and all. But if they want to communicate they have to come closer, meet in the middle. The further away they stand from each other the greater the tension, miscommunication and misunderstanding because each has to shout to be heard. So no matter how much of the “truth” each sees and speaks the other just can’t hear it, even if they are trying to say the same thing.

Just being a mirror is not enough, if there is to be any transformation there needs to a coming closer to the center where what is being seen — can be reflected with honesty.

We are setting boundaries now in our personal lives as well as our relationships, but Borasisi is a reminder to balance this energy with the soulful truth that lives deep within each of us. Instead of looking for ways to keep out the negative we can look for ways to allow in the cosmic and beautiful through the walls we have already built around us.

— On another note, speaking of opposites and heavy clouds, one of my favorite Scorpio friends Cole came over yesterday. I call him my angel, because he appeared in my life like that one stormy cold winters night and we’ve been through our share of storms since. But no matter what true to our astrology (we have a Sun Moon oppostion) we have an intuitive connection that is unreal.

He is a true mirror and a friend, who no matter how much we may have struggled in the beginning to learn to listen, he was patient and stayed with me through some really difficult times. Even today, every time I need him or have a “moment” he shows up like an angel to remind me of a divine presence behind it all.

Yesterday sometime in the afternoon the rain came down over NYC in buckets and torrents (I even mentioned it in an audio) with thunder louder than I have heard. Then just as suddenly as it came down, it had passed and the sun shined bright again. It was a moment I remember clearly and I remember feeling like this is the energy of the eclipse.

Cole is now a location scout and was showing me some of the pictures he took yesterday while he was in New Jersey and he saw the rain come down over New York City, that I want to share with you here. Its true, a picture speaks a thousand words and these dark clouds we may be feeling won’t be hanging around forever, for now allow the rain to wash away the fear.

With love,



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